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About Us

Prestimage aspires to become a top provider of ground-breaking printing solutions. Through innovative delivery methods backed by uncompromising quality, we will reinvent the industry’s standards and inspire new possibilities for the future of printing.

Prestimage was founded from a passion to defy conventions and exceed expectations. We offer a diverse range of printing solutions that fit perfectly for various corporate and personal needs.

Being a people of innovation, our mission has always remained the same – to give clients the best printing and design services available, according to their specific needs. Sometimes, this calls for us to challenge the ordinary and go further than what clients require. For us, it’s all part of a day’s work. Ultimately, the only thing that matters is our customers’ satisfaction and success.

Point-of-Sale Materials (POSM)
• Pallet Display
• Standee
• Island standee
• Metal standee
• Table top standee
• Tent card
• Wobbler
• Shelf talker
• Poster

Marketing Materials
• Catalogue
• Booklet
• Annual Report
• Brochure
• Flyer
• Table Top Standee
• Book mark
• Flag line
• Roll up bunting
• Pull up bunting
• Lamp post bunting
• Banner
• Giant banner
• Calendar
Business Stationery Materials
• Letter head
• Cash bill
• Invoice
• Payment voucher / receiving voucher
• Envelope
• Business card
• Company profile

Hard Cover Materials
• Restaurant menu
• Sample chart
• Company profile
• Gift box

Event / Exhibition Displays
• Truss System
• Exhibition stand
• Backdrop

Value Added Services
• Graphic Design
• Manual insertion of notices, brochures and magazines
• Letter shopping
• Eco printing

“Sustainable development is dependent on responsible economic growth, with business as the engine of such growth. Hence, it is critical for the planet and its people that there be a business case for sustainable development.”
Bjorn Stigson, president of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

As businesses of the 21st century move towards a greener approach, Prestimage is also leading the way in environmentally-friendly Malaysian printing. This encompasses all levels of our printing process – the choice of materials, printing methods, delivery and disposal.

Our Eco Printing range utilises vegetable-based ink made with vegetable oil such as soybean or corn oil instead of petroleum or mineral oil. This reduces pollution-causing emissions, and facilitates an easier recycling process. In addition, vegetable oils are a sustainable resource that leave behind a significantly lighter carbon footprint.

Certainly, these are all unconventional measures that defy the industry’s norm. But it all adds up to one thing for us – a brighter, greener tomorrow that we can all share in.


At Prestimage, everything we do is centred around our unique ‘4S’ philosophy. Collectively, these key values guard our vision and add value to all we do.

Serve with passion
Every effort is made to go the extra mile for clients. If there is a complaint, we will handle it. If there is a problem, we will fix it. From the initial proposal stage to final delivery, we place top priority in the satisfaction of a job well done.

Ultimately, our customers consult us for solutions. Thus for every project, we take time to understand their specific needs, preferences and constraints. With these, we are able to always recommend the best customised services at reasonable value.

Speed matters
We take deadlines very seriously, because they mean everything to today’s customers. Our experienced team of project managers and skilled technicians ensures that every project is delivered efficiently and promptly according to your timeline.

See the future
Who says that printing is a sunset industry? For us at Prestimage, printing goes beyond traditional boundaries. As a proud company of the 21st century, we are constantly pioneering new methods to ensure greater convenience, quality and value for our clients.